1. Okay, this looks really insignificant, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway.

    Just under a month ago I stopped wearing shoes. August is totally the month to do this in the UK, by the way. I am really noticing a lot of difference in my feet, so I took a photo just now to compare it to the photo I took when I resolved to not wear shoes. Go forth, bullet points, and inform the masses!

    • My toes are further apart, and thicker.
    • My whole foot feels firmer - less skin-and-bones, more muscle.
    • From the photos I can see that my ankles are thicker and more muscular.
    • I have no calluses on my feet; the skin on my soles is soft and flexible.
    • The ridges on the pads of my little toes that make them curl outwards, caused by wearing shoes that taper towards the toe, are *just* starting to wear down. This means my little toes have gotten straighter, putting the ridge in contact with the ground, which wears it down, letting my little toes sit straighter and flatter. Hopefully this means my little toes will continue to get straighter and flatter.
    • I can step down from a raised surface (eg: pavement) onto my forefoot and effortlessly lower my heel slowly; a few weeks ago if I’d landed on my forefoot my heel would’ve just fallen hard under the weight of my body. This is the foot equivalent of being able to hold a squat for ages.
    • I can walk on glass and not get hurt. On the very rare occasion that my skin is cut, it can’t cut deep enough to get through/under my skin, and I can still feel it enough to brush it off.
    • I can walk on cold things and hot things without it feeling painful any more, and without getting burned.
    • You know when you run a bath, test it with your hand and it feels okay, and when you put a foot in it burns oh god? That doesn’t happen any more; my foot registers the same temperature as my hand.
    • I have not cut my feet, or stepped in any poo. (These seem to be people’s main concerns when faced with a barefoot person.)

    So these are to me at least some interesting things.

    I am totally curious as to how some of my fellow barefoot-experimental followers are getting on. :)

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      When I go barefoot outside, the ground wears off all the rough skin. I have mega smooth, soft skin on my feet, and...
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