1. izoweirdo:

    I expect I don’t have many followers in Swansea, or in Wales for that matter..but if people could share this about that would be helpful :)

    A Facebook group for LGBTQ* folks looking to houseshare in Swansea, South Wales. Please reblog!

  2. mx-magpie:

    My mum’s car was literally just stolen from the drive, we live just north of Manchester in the UK. It’s a toyota auris, number plate as pictured, and It has a characteristic green/blue sheen to the black.

    My mum is a cancer nurse who treats people at their own homes, a lot of her equipment was in this car and she will not be able to work until it is either found, or replaced, which will take time.

    This was done by professionals so we have no idea where it might turn up.

    Please share. We need all the help we can get.

    Thank you.

  3. Robert Buckland, Conservative MP for South Swindon


    Robert Buckland MP has declined to sign EDM 907 calling for the legal recognition of nonbinary and intersex folks. This seems to be mostly because he doesn’t sign EDMs, which is totally understandable. But he also says pretty much what a couple of other Conservative MPs (Sir James Paice, Charlotte Leslie) have said word for word.


    These MPs cite a recent investigation by HM Passport Office into trans inclusion; the conclusion of this investigation was that X on passports was not needed. Christie Elan-Cane has been heroically fighting and questioning the Passport Office ever since, This investigation totally ignored nonbinary and intersex folks, and at no point was the public (ie: where the nonbinary and intersex people are) consulted. Of course no one is going to sacrifice their £80 application fee by putting anything other than M or F in the sex field of their passport application.

    The MPs are all Conservative and use very similar wording for their arguments. Indeed, only one Conservative has signed the EDM as I write this. I’m thinking they’re sharing notes. The trouble is, the notes they’re sharing are incorrect. This EDM calls for the legal recognition of nonbinary people, of which X on passports would be an effect. But the MPs say that the entire reason for their objection is a flawed investigation, the conclusion of which was only about X on passports. I’m not sure I’m saying this well, but basically, it’s not about passports, though passports are a symptom.

    What can we do?

    Your MP is supposed to represent you even if you’re in a minority group, and as Ben Bradshaw mentioned, EDMs don’t really do much and rarely result in parliamentary discussion. Your MP will know what needs to be done to get this issue discussed in parliament and moved forward in a practical fashion, and you are entitled to their assistance. No one else is supposed to help you with this stuff; it’s what your MP is for.

    You could ask your MP:

    • To forward your letter to HM Passport Office.
    • What can be done to bring this issue before parliament.
    • What would need to be done before nonbinary and intersex people have legal recognition.
    • Who could be contacted to further the cause in some way.
    • Whether your MP can do any of these things.

    You are not required to be knowledgeable about the dark and mysterious ways of parliament; that’s your MP’s job.

    How do I contact my MP?

    WriteToThem.com will help you to find out who your MP is by asking for your postcode, and then help you to quickly and easily write to them for free.

  4. mmmerlenoir asked: Hullo, just came across the EDM 907 post (and I think it's yours?) Would you have an example of what one should write in this letter to the MP? I am sitting here, staring at my screen. Thanks. :)

    It was indeed me, and I do. There’s this basic formula I follow, because I am easily confused. :)

    Dear [MP],

    I am writing to [urge you to sign/thank you for signing] Early Day Motion 907, for the legal recognition of nonbinary people.

    This issue is important to me because [reasons].

    [Maybe say something here about this not just being about X on passports, and that nonbinary people (possibly such as yourself) are not recognised by any laws; we must pretend to be a man or woman to do anything like getting married or when having a baby or whatever. I don’t know, whatever’s right for you.]

    [Optional words to ask whether there is anything else they can do to further this cause. Can they forward this letter to the Passport Office? Is there anyone else who can be contacted about this?]

    [Be polite and clear.]

    Yours sincerely,

    [Mx. Your excellent self, title optional obviously]

    Aaaand the useful website is WriteToThem.com.

    The thing I try to remember is, it’s better to write a letter you’re not 100% thrilled with than to send no letter at all, but that’s ‘cause I’m a perfectionist. And showing your support even if your MP has already signed is just as important as being the first constituent to bring it up.

    So there we are. Good luck on your mission to change the world! (Psst: it’s working.)

  5. kay-is-for-kookie:

    In the UK, you do not need a GRC to update the gender on your passport.

    You either need a GRC, or:

    "a letter from your doctor or medical consultant confirming that your change of gender is likely to be permanent, and evidence of your change of name such as a deed poll."

    A lot of people don’t realise this, so spread this one around!

    This, except there’s no gender on your passport; only sex.

  6. kay-is-for-kookie:





    I’ve barely seen anything about this on tumblr at all, and the petition ends in TWO DAYS!

    It’s about making an attempt of introducing unconditional base income in EU. yes, that means guaranteed income. instead of spending endless amounts of money on administration and control systems and different rates of benefits for different kinds of situations, everyone would be guaranteed an income.

    This petition is not about definitely introducing this, but it’s about seriously looking into if this would be doable.

    SEVEN countries need to reach the quotum, and four as so far. If you are in Netherlands, Hungary or Estonia, I especially encourage you to sign since those are the countries closest to reaching it right now.

    An Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is a recurring, universal payment to everyone - as an individual right, without means test or any obligation to work or perform other services in return, and high enough to ensure an existence in dignity and participation in society. The current social security systems are demeaning and inadequate in addressing the roots of poverty. UBI would transform social security from a compensatory system into an emancipatory system, one that trusts people to make their own decisions, and does not stigmatize them for their circumstances.

    If we collect one million statements of support for Basic Income from the 500 million inhabitants of the European Union, the European Commission will have to examine our initiative carefully and arrange for a public hearing in the European Parliament.

    recap! maybe money for everyone instead of demeaning benefits systems, TWO DAYS TO GO, and we been loads of signatures!


    i sincerely believe this is a thing we should try. if this works, i think it would radically improve life quality on a fundamental level. 

    I think the last article linked here might have just changed my life a little.

    LAST DAY! Netherlands is now at 97%!
    It closes at 23:59:59 CET, so make sure to submit your signatures in time!
    You need to live in a EU country and be over 18.

    I can’t sign this because I’m not a UK permanent resident, but I’m signal boosting for everyone else.

  7. 13:21 10th Jan 2014

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    Tags: NHSUK

    Your data will be sold to non-NHS people for data-mining purposes, with no medical gain to you or your doctors, unless you opt out ASAP.

    This site has a form you can email or print out and post to your GP. Five minutes, tops.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  8. As promised, Julian Huppert MP has replaced the previous version of this EDM, 889, which was untabled within 48 hours because Simon Hughes was promoted to Justice Minister. Wow, someone in the House really doesn’t want to talk about this, huh?

    This is a new EDM, and so it will need resigning by the MPs who signed it last time.

    My last version of this post has over 1,600 notes and a dead link. Please reblog, and if you’re in the UK please write to your MP asking them to sign.

    This motion is a really big deal for nonbinary and intersex folks in the UK. As far as I’m aware it is the only way we’re ever going to have official documentation that doesn’t have M or F on it.

    If you’re in the UK, find your MP and write to them using WriteToThem.com (it’s so easy, great website, takes 5 minutes) and ask them to support this motion. Mention EDM 889 for X on passports.

    If you’re not in the UK and you think you have British followers, please consider reblogging.

  9. lottelodge:

    This motion is a really big deal for nonbinary and intersex folks in the UK. As far as I’m aware it is the only way we’re ever going to have official documentation that doesn’t have M or F on it.

    If you’re in the UK, find your MP and write to them using WriteToThem.com (it’s so easy, great website, takes 5 minutes) and ask them to support this motion. Mention EDM 889 for X on passports.

    If you’re not in the UK and you think you have British followers, please consider reblogging.

    A weird hiccup, everyone. Simon Hughes MP’s EDM got un-tabled as he was promoted to Justice Minister, so the EDM has been taken down from the website.

    But on the upside, Julian Huppert MP will be tabling it again in early January. His EDM page is here.

  10. Sent :) That site is awesome, I’ll have to remember it.

    Isn’t it? :)

    More info for UK folks:

    • WriteToThem - Open source website that lets you find your MP and write to them for free and very quickly, without leaving the site.
    • FixMyStreet - Another open source site by the same people that lets you easily and quickly report issues like potholes and dead streetlights to your local council.